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Don't think Heartworm disease is out there. Please think again. This is a live video of Microfilaria (baby heartworms) in a recent blood smear sample of one of our patients that is positive for Heartworm disease. These thousands of tiny worms grow up and clog up your pets heart and lungs. Please keep your dog AND cat on preventatives all year long.

Beaver Brook Animal Hospital now offers private training while your pets board with us. Bella and Maya learned how to "heel" and loose leash walk with our trainer, Katy. See our website at www.beaverbrookah.com for more information

Please view our video regarding our services that we offer at Beaver Brook Animal Hospital. If more information is needed please visit our website at www.beaverbrookah.com or call 860-757-3346

Beaver Brook Animal Hospital commercial for Hartford Wolfpack home games.

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Informational video on how to cut a cats nail

One of the many ways to calm a patient through Acupuncture is to needle or aqua the permission point on top of the head. Cameron, especially enjoyed that point and relaxed very much for the rest of the session.

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